Preeti Arora, writing for Rediff

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The role required her to practice Kalaripayattu a martial art originating in the south of India. She had the opportunity and her parents were denying her, the people she trusted the most and the ones she loved most were denying her the opportunity to be happy. Kapoor was born and raised in Mumbai.

The couple looked between them

She gave her a sad smile, taking her hand again. She's electrifying in the sequence when she breaks down after getting to know the true intentions of her lover. Dara writhed, preventing her mother from snatching it, but she succeeded. Her heart tightened and the desire to cry filled her again.

Her feet hit the ground before a sob came from her throat. On the way to her room she met Donghyuk and Dai, the older frowned when he saw her crying and her face red.

Her small heart broke into a thousand pieces causing tears to accumulate in her eyes. Park Bo-gum also played the piano while Park Hyung Sik sang a song at the wedding reception. The two yearold baby Dahye gave a small laugh from her place when she saw her older sister, Dongyul approached her.

Dara looked at her father but he avoided her gaze. She tightened her grip on the window frame. She cried non-stop, wondering what she had done wrong so that her mother denied that opportunity. Her best friend had disappointed her. The only thing she wanted in this life.

The voice of Michael Jackson sounded through her room, Smooth Criminal was one of her favorite songs. The couple looked between them. Dara sat on a chair and looked at her mother with questioning eyes while Dongyul watched them from the other side of the kitchen. Preeti Arora, writing for Rediff. She agreed to the project due to the social message she found in the script.

The voice of Michael Jackson