Some people are and others are not

Dating inconsistent

You are not asking for much. He will say the perfect things but he will do all of the wrong things. The Negative Effect Of Dating Inconsistent Men Dating inconsistent men can give you the false feeling that you are in love or quickly falling in love. Just be his casual friend and that would probably be the best approach at solving this inconsistent behavior.

If he otherwise takes you out, treats you well, etc. He has to have a day off sometime to eat, sleep, wash etc. Without any consistency, then there is no way that couples would be able to establish a sense of stability in their romance. Clearly his attention is elsewhere so yours should be as well. Clearly not a preferred mode of communication for him.

In my experience men appreciateThat would be the

He will drop subtle hints that he always finds himself having to really manage his time effectively because he has so many things on his plate. If he takes a week, you take a week. It bothers me a lot when people are not polite. You need someone who would respect you and give you what you need. He works over hours a week.

That would be the last thing on his mind. In my experience men appreciate directness and they value it highly when a woman has enough self respect not to be insecure and wishy washy about basic things that she needs. He will rarely ever show up in the times when you need him the most. The man works hours a week, give him a break.