Dating an indecisive woman

Dating an indecisive woman

Women have made men so comfortable

Women have made men so comfortable that they think they can get away with almost anything, this I believe has led to the demise of modern dating. Something you often hear is how a woman might think she wants a man who is taller than her because height equates to masculinity and protection. At least, not until after they have a quick romp in between the sheets.

Something you often hear is how

While pickup lines seemed frowned upon years ago, nowadays it would be nice to have some creativity mixed with confidence.

The idea of putting a label on a relationship seems like a stress builder, maybe this new era is evolving into a grey area due to our love with options. Men have also forgotten the courage it takes to approach women because women have either taken up that role or are no longer approachable. Nowadays communication will happen through text, which is the most detached impersonal form of communication. Women have made this okay and even expecting that they will be stood up or causing the last minute cancellation themselves. In essence, she is telling you the qualities she feels will give her the best experience.

When he kissed her, he held her confidently, kissed her deeply and left her feeling wanted. Men have become weak and lazy yet women have become increasingly indecisive on what they want or expect from dating. This is not only a great experience, but also the seeds that add confusion for the woman hell-bent on a taller guy. Meanwhile since it seems some women nowadays are not sure what they want in the dating and relationship world, it may cause men to no longer see the value in the pickup.

When you ask a woman what she wants in a guy, her answer will vary depending on her age group. The only hope men have is to have sex with her as many times as possible until her attraction fizzles out and she moves on to the next guy. Speaking of conversation, making phone calls has become a dying art.