Their disadvantages are numerous

Consolidating text data in excel

For a number of reasons, however, pie charts are not as effective as bar or column charts. The pivot table will produce a pivot chart if you use it directly as the source data. The first column of the table is a list of numbers.

Of the three types, a bar chart may be the best option, because the category labels can be fairly long without wrapping and without the need to incline them from horizontal. There are two ways you can enter the arguments. Their sole benefit is that they show each category's proportion of the total of all categories.

They are not as flexible as regular charts, though. To add a space between the first and last names, we add a space as another argument to the function, in between the cell references. For example, we have a worksheet containing names and contact information.

The resulting pivot table is shown below right. Drop the Responses field label into the Rows area of the pivot table, and drop another copy of it into the Data area. Pie charts are very widely used, and people are comfortable with them because of their wide use. Pivot charts allow the user to rearrange pivot fields right within the chart.

To do this, we type a space surrounded by double quotes. Make sure the three arguments are separated by commas. In general, however, the bar chart can contain more labels, and longer labels, without legibility issues.

The subsequent columns describe the shape, color, and markings. Excel pastes the data into several rows. The pivot fields take up lots of space in the chart, and it is impossible to move or resize the elements in a pivot chart. Notice that there is no space in between the first and last name.

Drop the Responses field labelThe resulting pivot table is