Best to keep things brief

Clever dating bios

Make a calculated effort to post pictures that are both flattering to your particular look while also revealing the best aspects of your personality. Or you could even hire a professional photographer to ensure you get some great shots. Again, change your photo frequently to keep things fresh.

Another issue with playing it safe and trying to cast a wide net is that you force the girl to switch her screening process over to depend more heavily on superficial things like looks, height etc. Well, its time to become the best. These are all emotions you want to evoke. You don't have to lie and pretend to like football. Everyone has their own strengths, so concentrate on those.

Writing something brief and funny

While you may think this is a productive way to ward off unwanted suitors, all it does is make men think that you are a negative person and possibly jaded by one too many bad dates. The more you show that you can be a potential best friend as well as a romantic partner, the better. Suppose you don't like football, but like beer and wings.

The only exception is if you look exactly the same as you did five years ago or whatever the case is. Take some time to think about what you like about yourself and make that stand out in your profile.

Many men and women unintentionally use language that displays a lack of confidence. Often, men will see a profile they are attracted to, struggle with what to say, get frustrated and consequently, skip to the next profile. Your hard work surely has paid off.

With a bit of hard work and training, anyone can create a profile that will stand out from the competition and attract the right people. Writing something brief and funny in this space can attract someone with a good a sense of humor who's looking for a partner. Choose photos that make people laugh but also intrigue them enough to want to learn more about you.

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