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It is the official headquarters of the Catholicos of the East who reigns on the Supreme Throne of St. Of the same pattern adopted by the other Apostles, each local church was administered, guided by a group of Presbyters and presided over by the elder priest or bishop.

It is the official headquarters of

In the seventeenth century, the Church came to a relationship with the Antiochene Church which again caused divisions. In later centuries, the liturgical language mingled with East Syriac received through the churches of Seleucia and Tigris.

The language of worship in the early centuries must have been the local language probably a form of Tamil. Therefore, the original form of St James liturgy was composed in Greek. Every member of the Church is bound by the rules and regulations laid down in the Constitution.

Of the same pattern adopted

They tried to unite the Syrian Christians to the Roman Catholic Church and this led to a split in the community. Finally the reformist group broke away to form the Mar Thoma Church. Its members enjoyed the goodwill of the other religious communities as well as the political support of the Hindu rulers.

The Early Church in India remained one and at peace, treasuring the same ethnic and cultural characteristics as the rest of the local community. Thomas the Apostle, whom the Persians must have venerated as the founder of their own church. Since then the head of the community was the Marthoma Metrans and later the position was developed to Malankara Metropolitan with more recognition.