She seems to be a notable glutton

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Drinking alcohol causes malfunctions in her system. As his apartment block collapses, she appears to help him, but even her superhuman strength isn't enough to save him. This was not supposed to happen, but things would correct themselves by recalibrating to the right dimension. He has a part-time job at a hamburger shop.

Drinking alcohol causes malfunctions inAs his apartment block collapses

Intrigued, she then decides to fulfil her wish of going back in time to meet Jiro. She seems to be a notable glutton. She also saves many other lives from tragic deaths that old Jiro had regretted witnessing. Shot at the customers randomly with an automatic rifle, then poured petrol all over the restaurant and planned to set fire to it.

After the events of the story, she comes again to the moment when Jiro weeps over the destroyed body of the cyborg. Seems to know a lot about cooking involving capibaras, and likes to impress girls.

Gradually being able to understand the feelings of humans. She can shock people through electrical charge from her skin and eyes, and can also imitate people's voices perfectly after only hearing them once. Later revealed in the movie that she was Jiro's mother.

The one who told Jirou that he should always eat noodles on his birthday for a long life. Her bones are made from an alloy found on Jupiter's satellite Io, and her cells are the same structure as a human's. After telling Jiro that she now understands his feelings, she is destroyed while saving him. After a few hours, she stated that she had to go and vanished again.

The two of them then exchange birthday presents. She appears to be just like a normal person, down to her ability to eat. The cause of future Jirou's disability. While he rejoices in her presence, the restaurant is suddenly attacked by a gunman, but she saves him and the other guests by throwing the gunman out of the window. The girl, who seems unused to everything, behaves very boldly and suddenly rushes with Jiro out of the restaurant without paying the bill, provoking the manager to chase the two through Tokyo.