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After much bickering between Gloria and Jack, Gloria decided to use her authority in the D. Although Colleen, Gloria, Jill, Katherine, Jack, Victor, and Ashley testified as character witnesses, they were shocked when John was sentenced to seven years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. Ashley appeared to be having a hysterical pregnancy, as she still felt the baby move. Jack was hesitant to trust them as they never even fully trust each other.

Next the unlucky

She and Rick Forrester agreed to keep the romance they had in Paris in the past, as he was moving on with a new love, Phoebe. Torn between her feelings for her sister and Brad, Ashley returned to her cottage in the woods for solace. Finding out about the abortion, he berated Ashley and caused her to have another nervous breakdown. Ashley's next romance was with Eric Garrison. When Victor came to see Ashley, she told him to go away.

John eventually found her

In the end, Tucker fired Jack for not bringing him Beauty of Nature, as promised, Victoria and Nick were arranging to buy up stock, as were Jack and Ashley. John went home and told Gloria, who played into Tom's plan once again.

This is the best way to communicate with a woman and set-up an offline date with her. We now laugh at our initial goal. When Victor learned that Nikki had an incurable disease, he returned to Nikki to try to make her remaining days happy. Tests confirmed Colleen was brain dead, and Traci finally made the heart-breaking decision to take her off life-support.

Next, the unlucky in love Ashley became interested in Jabot's mysterious new photographer Blade. John eventually found her there and returned her to a posh private institution near Genoa City.

Before Ashley could give an answer to his proposal, Traci returned to Genoa City, determined to win back Brad. Meanwhile Lauren and Sheila fought, and Lauren broke Sheila's ankle.