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Was on the gate all night. Will never miss them when they are in town. If we had kept going, there was a good chance we would have self-destructed on the road, and we definitely didn't want that to happen in public. That's the approach we've taken for a lot of years.

The song originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Singles. For us, it was just the experience of four guys getting together in the studio and making some music.

Heart's guitarist Nancy Wilson also joined them onstage. But the truth was, it was pretty much everybody.

It's a tough thing to go through. Met some cool people and enjoyed every minute of it. DuVall was first introduced to the fans on an acoustic tour.

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We're willing to take a chance on it. But the record label heard it and they really liked it.

Mike was ready to go home. With new songs written primarily on the road, the material has an overall darker feel than Facelift, with six of the album's thirteen songs dealing with the subject of addiction. We've been friends a long time. But then I've had fans come up to me and give me the thumbs up, telling me they're high.