Family was everything to Bill

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Bill had many interests in his life. Bill had a way with people. Dino was a protector of all creatures great and small. He may look tough on the outside, but he had a huge, soft heart.

He made an impression on everyone he met. Early in their marriage, his father-in-law, Glen, got Bill interested in Polo and a short time later invited him to join the Western South Dakota Buckaroos.

Being a friend to Dino is to be swept up in his energy, his compassion, his opinions, and his quirks as well. They fell in love and stayed together until the day he passed.

No matter how busy Bill was, he never missed one of Seth or Clay's football games or Cally's dance recitals or volleyball or softball games. Bill served on the board of directors for almost two decades, with a term as president of the organization. He was very proud to hold goats for his daughter or push a calf. If there was a problem, Bill always tried to handle it. This is where he became skilled in welding.

Staff provided a punching bag for an occasional jab and arranged visits to the gym so Dino could spend time with friends. He passed on with his family by his side. Friends are encouraged to share memories. His personality was so warm, so all-encompassing, that once you were exposed to it, becoming his friend was a foregone conclusion.

Bill served on the boardNo matter how busy